Saturday, September 26, 2009

feeling my way

I'm just feeling my way with this whole blog thing. What I really want is a a blog that enables me to move fluently between text image and audio, but at this stage I can't see any way to embed audio except as a link.

[Ed. The ABC's remix community website 'Pool' was closed down earlier in 2013, rendering the following paragraph no longer relevant except as online cultural history] If you clicked on 'link', what you're looking at now is my page on 'Pool' - in which case you are of course not reading this blog. Pool is ABC Radio National's online space for diverse new and old media sharing and project development. I've put a few of my recent audio bits and pieces up here for other people to respond to or freely re-mix and appropriate - with acknowledgment. It's a great place to present audio, text, images video etc, but what it doesn't allow me to do is to place the audio etc. within the body of the text as something that functions on an equal level with the words, with both words and audio functioning as both text and texture.

After a brief surf I've found a way to make the audio link appear in a different window so that you can go on listening to en plein air while returning to the blog text to read on and look at some images.

What is an appropriate image for this music? On my Pool page en plein air was presented alongside this photo.

It seemed to chime with the almost blank mix of opacity and transparency in this music - a kind of emptiness and stasis.

But what if instead you were presented with this image to accompany your listening?

To my mind the juxtaposition with this image gives the music a more actively mysterious and 'organic' feel - less architectural and cipher-like.

What does the music mean? Or is it an empty cipher, like a virtual room that can have any furniture or thought put inside it? What if I write more text about the music to explain how it works -

The layers of flute were played in one at a time while listening back on headphones to the tracks already recorded. Two additional layers make a slow and largely imperceptible shift from interior to exterior street sounds. This is a half-length version of the work. I think this is the minimum duration for realising this particular idea. The maximum duration could be anything you like - a kind of aural wallpaper.

Or to suggest possible readings such as this -

Aims to follow a thread of weightless suspension - an almost 'breathless' presence of breath - a transparent, papery texture. How does it make you feel - calm? buoyant? empty? nauseous? stretched thin?



Creating starts with an idea or 'text'. Put through the masher of processes and play the idea dissolves into texture. As the texture stabilises, it becomes a new 'text', a clarified idea.

Or is it the other way around? Grabbing hold of some intriguing or captivating fragment or strand of texture - working with it until it becomes more well defined, a definite figure or idea - then pushing it further until the experience overwhelms the idea, dissolving back into texture.