Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Goodbye Pool

Just a brief note to remember that experiment in online creative communities that was Pool.

It was the existence of Pool, along with the site's limitations as a space for juxtaposing sound, text and image (something I wanted to do but not what the site was designed for) that prompted me to start this blog.

Since then the whole webscape has moved on, perhaps making an all-in-one site such as Pool less relevant. Or perhaps it's just that the speed of change in what is possible and what people want to do with their devices (no longer mainly computers!) has been too swift for an under-resourced project buried inside a large public corporation to keep up with.

There's a  bit of left-over Pool in an archive site, featuring a few special Pool project radio programs including Birdland which includes material from my flute piece Reverse for solo flute.

So long Pool...