Monday, October 26, 2009

reverse images

Whether for the fun of juxtaposition, or to make some movement towards redressing the loss of the visual I raved on about, for every piece of audio I upload to Pool I try to find and upload an appropriate image. Which immediately begs the question - what does appropriate mean?

With Reverse I discarded the more lateral interpretive options for images and simply grabbed an excerpt of each of the musical scores. Was this because this was the first piece I'd posted that was score-based and I wanted to visually underline the different process of making the piece? Or because the concept of 'reverse' seemed too grounded in movement and energy to be adequately represented by another image? Or because in the case of this particular piece other images risked reducing the field of interpretation and response of the listener too much? Or was I just getting lazy?

In my blog I'd like to try out a few alternative images for Reverse and consider what they might do to the musical meaning. For example, this -

If you've clicked on a link to one of the versions of Reverse on my Soundcloud page [Ed. previously Pool page] and are back looking at this image, what does the juxtaposition suggest? What is the mood/tone of Reverse?

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