Monday, September 27, 2010

the long way around

After reading my last entry and Jen Craig's 'Art Works' you may have been amused by the length and circumlocutions of my blog alongside the brevity and richness of resonance of her story. An object lesson of the communicative power of 'fiction' as against more discursive or banally analytical attempts to capture our reality.

Perhaps my audio-piece Bundanon drive-by also seemed to labour the point. Though perhaps this was the point of the exercise - more of a burlesque parody than an attempt at direct analogy.

Nonetheless, in the interplay of text and sound it might be more interesting to leave both analogy and parody behind in favour of more oblique or tangential associations. Here the individual and collective meanings of text and audio might remain more open giving room for feeling and imagination (or just sentiment?) to flower.

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